Accounts Receivable & Payable

Manage Assets and Liabilities for Billing and Retail Operations

Accounting for telecom billing and retail operations requires the ongoing management of receivables and payables. Staying in complete control of what’s owed to you or by you, is the hallmark of an effective service provider (and a happy finance department). CostGuard uses Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) to generate GL Journal Entries according to the configured General Ledger solution for activity including billed and unbilled charges, payments, adjustments, calculated taxes, and retail transactions.

CostGuard’s Accounts Receivable and Payable solution provides the ability to:
Manage electronic payments
Leverage out-of-the-box financial forensics and auditing reports
Define grace periods to control backdating of transactions, finance charges, adjustments, and receivable aging buckets
Utilize CostGuard’s integrated tax engine to define provider-specific taxes
Post one-time payments and adjustments immediately or in a batch process from an imported file
Perform write-off and hold adjustments, block payments, deposits and deposit allocation