AdvancePay Service

More features and better margins than standalone prepaid systems

AdvancePay helps carriers easily enter and compete in the prepaid space.  AdvancePay’s patented technology combines the best characteristics of both postpaid and prepaid mobile services.  With AdvancePay, carriers can eliminate the complexity and expense of purchasing a comprehensive prepaid platform, leverage the technology benefits of an integrated solution, and increase both revenue and customer satisfaction.

With CostGuard’s AdvancePay solution, you can:
Leverage the efficiency of one OSS/BSS/POS solution
Create pay-in-advance products that mirror existing post-paid offerings
Configure automation rules to monitor usage, perform automatic renewals, create notifications and disconnect services and features
Tie rated records to a subscriber for market trending analysis
Offer service at the Point-of-Sale for a defined interval of time and/or service balance
Handle renewals via recurring credit card payments or one-time transactions at retail locations, agent stores or customer support
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