Workflow – Business Process Automation

Deliver Services to Your Customers Faster and More Efficiently

CostGuard’s Workflow module gives providers the tools necessary to streamline their telecommunications business processes, reduce mistakes, and provide both users and customers a better experience. Flexibility and powerful automation abilities allow virtually any process to be mapped out and integrated with other areas of the CostGuard platform.

Workflow provides the ability to:
Automate any manual or automated process with your unique business rules
Adjust workflows mid-process to handle unique situations and variations
Configure your business processes via an intuitive, graphical interface that supports decision based branching, time limits, predictive analysis, and reusable templates
Empower users with a workspace that makes it easy to prioritize and complete tasks
Allow project coordinators the ability to quickly view current statuses and progress updates across multiple projects
Maximize productivity by automatically assigning tasks to the right resources for the work

Watch Workflow In Action

Use Workflow from IDI Billing Solutions to solve and automate your unique business challenges.