Discounts & Promotions

The freedom to offer any pricing plan that you can imagine

CostGuard’s discounting engine removes the limits from the pricing models you can sell, ensuring that the billing system is enhancing your ability to compete, not hindering it. CostGuard supports volume, loyalty and free monthly usage based discounts providing you with endless possibilities.

The discount engine provides the ability to:

Create constant amount, fixed rate, single tier, rolling tier, usage based or percentage based pricing discounts
Utilize different combinations of usage, products and services to contribute to the size and type of the discount
Set filters for usage properties such as call distance, originating location, terminating location, serving location or time of day
Evaluate usage by number of records processed, minutes used, charges calculated or quantity utilized
Include buckets of monthly usage, minutes, or charges and allow customers to roll-over unused portions
Select from multiple options on how discounts can be pooled and shared across services on an account