Dynamic Rating

Eliminate redundant SKUs with pricing that adapts automatically to your customers

CostGuard’s Price Matrix and Dynamic Products allow providers to configure a single SKU in their Product Catalog that dynamically adjusts its month to month pricing based on customer location, contract status, or consumption of associated products and services. This solution simplifies the creation and maintenance of your product catalog and reduces the confusion that comes when a system forces the exact same product or service to be represented repeatedly for each price point.

Dynamic Rating provides the ability to:
Setup a Price Matrix for a product that automatically determines price based on the pricing zone selected for the customer or service
Define zones to represent locations, underlying carriers, data centers or any other pricing segmentation in use
Set pricing tiers based on length of contract selected and automatically adjust pricing upon expiration
Offer Cloud-based models that utilize Metered Usage records to determine monthly consumption of services
Bill customer consumption based upon peak, average or x percentile utilization
Create products that evaluate a customer’s consumption of related products and services in order to determine monthly price