Market Management

Segment your customers from Point of Sale to General Ledger

Many communications service providers need the ability to segment their customers and have their financial data organized by markets. A market may be a geographic territory, an agent or distribution channel, or even a service offering.

CostGuard’s Market Management solution provides the ability to configure markets that align with your business needs. Markets are used by IDI’s solution to connect billing and retail operations to accounting and auditing business processes. Market assignment to each customer account and point-of-sale location facilitates the creation of properly segmented general ledger journal entries that can be reviewed and analyzed using standard reports.

Using CostGuard’s Market Management solution, you can:
Enforce assignment of a Market for every new Customer
Leverage CostGuard’s ‘User Limit To’ solution to regulate a user’s access by market
Name and define Markets according to your business rules
Generate financial data by Market using CostGuard’s General Ledger solution