Order Management & Automation

Accuracy and consistency at the critical points in your service delivery process

CostGuard’s Order module allows providers to present a streamlined experience that simplifies the creation of even complex and very large orders. Business rules are enforced up front in the ordering process resulting in elimination of downstream delays and higher costs due to inaccurate orders.

Order Management provides the ability to:
Define products and features that must be included or excluded from the order based on current selections
Simplify the creation of large orders by creating a template service and features and then duplicating them across all services
Integrate directly with CostGuard’s Workflow to launch order fulfillment processes upon submission and then track the progress of orders
Allow users to save, retrieve, and review orders before submission
Utilize integrated Service Number Inventory with the ability to add, import, or port numbers individually or in bulk
Automatically limit the services, features and pricing available for selection based on the pricing zone selected for the customer or service