Point Of Sale

Streamline Telecom Retail Operations

CostGuard’s Point of Sale (POS) solution supports retail business processes for traditional brick-and-mortar stores, call centers and fulfillment warehouses, helping service providers bring consistency to their sales and support practices. CostGuard provides the ability to perform sales, returns, exchanges, equipment swaps, and exchanges involving service activations and retail inventory. “Quick sale” transaction capabilities for accessory sales eliminate delays and improve the customer experience.

Configurable business rules allow for greater control of the Register from the opening of the drawer to reconciliation. Multiple levels of user permissions provide the ability to control discounting, manager overrides, and system access.

With CostGuard’s Point of Sale solution, you can:
Define product and leverage Guided Assignment to create sales workflows to reduce user error, automate product suggestions, and improve the sales experience
Provide support for peripheral devices used to capture signatures, swipe credit cards, scan bar codes and IDs, and print receipts and service agreements
Use CostGuard’s centralized reporting tool to monitor retail and customer care operations
Define and configure POS locations that mirror existing channels of distribution
Complement the POS Front Office with Back Office functionality using CostGuard’s Retail Inventory Management solutions