Real-Time Provisioning

Fast, flexible, reliable integration with third-party platforms

The CostGuard provisioning platform allows for real-time provisioning to any carrier, network element or third party vendor.  For each integration, IDI analyzes the unique business logic and end-point requirements and then develops a plug-in for the provisioning platform. The solution accommodates any unique requirements with a minimal amount of effort and allows service providers to accelerate services and product roll outs quickly and cost-effectively.

Real-time Provisioning provides the ability to:
Support multivendor devices and services
Define configurable parameters for each integration point
Support any required connection type including web service (SOAP), TCP/IP, Telnet, HTTP Post, HTTP Get, CORBA, Java RMI, or Serial I/O
Integrate with any third-party API
Automate the entire provisioning process, from order intake to network activation
Intelligent and configurable error handling, error prevention & detection and audit trail