Retail Promotions

Effective and efficient retail discounting

You need a Retail solution that is able to support the configuration of promotional offers and be able to calculate and enforce the correct discounting by your salespeople. CostGuard’s Retail Promotion capabilities provides the service provider with ability to centrally manage the configured promotions that perform the automatic and correct discounting of items on sales when defined conditions are met.

Highlights of CostGuard’s Retail Promotions
User-friendly configuration wizard assists the user in the creation and maintenance of Retail Promotions
Manage Promotions to be only applicable at specific locations for specific timeframes
Create Retail Promotions that discount based on quantity purchased and/or multi-product bundling scenarios
Define the applied discount amount based on an amount, percent or desired extended price
The solution does the calculating and reduces user errors – allowing your salespeople to focus on the customer
Determine effectiveness of the Retail Promotions from the captured discount data using CostGuard’s Reporting and General Ledger solutions