Usage & Metered Billing

Any Technology, Any Service, Any Method, Any Bundle.

The core of any telecommunications billing solution is its rating engine. A service provider’s ability to rate any product, service or technology – and create a clear customer invoice – is not merely a competitive advantage, but an absolute necessity. IDI’s solution supports sophisticated usage based rating and billing for resellers, wireless, data, VoIP, Cloud, Managed Data Center, and Next-Gen providers.

It’s time to offer your customers the services they need, not just what your billing system can rate
Accurate and proven Rating and Billing solution for twenty years with over $1B annual billed revenue
Load and rate usage records in real time and eliminate billing delays with on-demand reprocessing
Reduce revenue leakage with powerful analysis and remediation tools for unbillable records
Support corporate account hierarchies with n tiers of invoice-responsible and non-invoice-responsible children
Create flexible invoice design and messaging options with XML output
Pre-bill accounts and safely audit results during a bill run by controlling the point when new invoices are posted to customer accounts