Web APIs

Leverage your development team to build your own apps and integrations

CostGuard’s Web APIs offer our customers the same open, standards-based foundation that IDI builds our CostGuard solutions on. The APIs provide a secure and programmatic way to access all of your company’s data or to execute the various CostGuard operations such as creating customers or placing orders. Sample applications, thorough documentation and consulting services ensure that your development teams have the tools they need in order to get started quickly and to be successful.

CostGuard Web APIs provide:
REST APIs to allow simple, query-based access to your company’s data using the OData protocol
SOAP APIs to build your own systems that integrate to the operations and functionality in CostGuard
Enterprise grade security using SAML-based identity management
Three year SLA on Web API backwards compatibility and interface support
Consulting services provided by the same experts who used the APIs to build the CostGuard SaaS platform
Ability to use any development language that supports web service standards