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The IDIxperience—September Edition: Building A Better Customer Experience.

In this edition of The IDIxperience, we focus on the Customer Experience (CX)—including an insightful look into Generative AI and how by leveraging vast amounts of data, you can not only predict the needs of customers before they bring the problem to you—but also tailor individual recommendations, optimize network performance, perform predictive maintenance, and so much more. While still early days, the possibilities are astounding.

We also share our thoughts on elevating the customer experience, as well as a case study illustrating how we partnered with a top regional Communications Service Provider to improve their customer experience while sustaining their growth rate and commitment to bringing new innovative services to market.

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Enhancing Your Customer Experience With Generative AI

Generative AI represents a new frontier in the realm of artificial intelligence. And as service providers continue to look for new and innovative ways to enhance their customer experience, many are turning to its transformative potential.

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Elevating The Customer Experience—A Holistic Approach

To stand out in today’s crowded marketplace, providers must embrace a comprehensive transformation that spans every corner of their operations—leveraging innovative solutions to craft seamless end-to-end journeys that exceed heightened customer expectations.

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Viaero Wireless & IDI—Improving Growth & Service Delivery

How do regional carriers like Viaero Wireless carve out their own niche in markets typically dominated by major carriers? Through high-quality service delivery and an unwavering commitment to the customer experience.

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How AI Could Transform The Customer Service Industry

AI is playing a larger role in the customer service space—addressing customer issues faster, while predicting future roadblocks. The result: happier customers and human workers with more time to focus on higher-value tasks. Yahoo Finance anchor Julie Hyman spoke with Barak Eilam, CEO of NICE Ltd. about how AI is transforming the customer service landscape.

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Transforming Ideas Into Growth

Designed to supportive innovative offerings, complex rating schemes and diverse business models, IDI offers a world-class, cloud-based B/OSS platform that delivers the power and flexibility you need to make your customer journey transformation a reality.


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The 2023 telecom industry events calendar is packed full of fantastic opportunities to gain knowledge and insights, network with peers, attend educational sessions and engage with vendors. Which upcoming events are on your radar? Let’s connect!

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WTA Fall Educational Forum – September 10-13, Coeur d’Alene, ID

As a proud Platinum Sponsor of the 2023 WTA Fall Educational Forum, IDI Billing Solutions remains committed to supporting the WTA’s mission of bringing better, faster broadband to rural communities and underserved markets. Planning to attend?
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Cca Fall 2023

Competitive Carriers Association – October 17-19, Atlanta, GA

CCA’s Annual Convention is the only North American event to focus exclusively on smart strategies, technology innovations, and business opportunities for carriers in this increasingly mobile world. As a result, it brings together more senior decision makers from more carrier organizations than any other trade show in the United States. Planning to attend? Let’s Connect!

Turn Your Ideas Into Growth

With customer expectations on the rise, digital channels expanding, and the need for secure operating environments becoming more of a priority now than ever before—it takes advanced customer experience management technology to stay ahead of the curve.

For over 25 years, IDI Billing Solutions has been a leading provider of Billing, Automation, and Workflow solutions for the communications industry. Our comprehensive, highly secure, cloud-based solution enables providers with the ability to streamline operational efficiency, monetize services, automate operations, and seamlessly scale as your business demands.

CostGuard and OSS

CostGuard Billing & OSS

Experience a world-class monetization platform designed to support innovative product and service offerings, complex rating schemes, and diverse business models.

The IDI Difference

The IDI Difference

Through innovative technology, people, partners, and systems, we’re dedicated to providing the insightful counsel and specialized expertise required to make your customer journey transformation a reality.

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