Billing for what’s now and what’s next

In telecom billing it’s never about “what have you done for me in the past?”. It’s all about “what are you doing for me right now and what can you do for me in the future?”.

IDI Billing for what's now and what's next

It can be confusing to look at all the billing options that are available to communications service providers. It’s important to choose your solution wisely though, because technology never stops advancing and your billing needs to keep up.

Basic to Intermediate Billing

Many billing solutions on the market today are fairly basic billers. You might even be able to buy something for a low, one-time license fee. But usually they can only bill for one thing and that’s no way to truly compete in the complex world of telecommunications.

Other billing solutions are great for the particular instant when they’re implemented, but then you’re frozen in time as your competition edges ahead. You end up struggling because you have to reinvent the wheel every single time you want to provide a new product or service.  And it costs a lot of time and effort to re-engineer. Your customers end up going elsewhere while you are in a holding pattern, wanting to give them the deals and services they’re looking for.

Flexible Billing & OSS

IDI is here to help you bill for what you have on your network and in your stores today and in the future. Our flexible solution helps you get ahead and stay ahead of the competition because you don’t have to fight with our system to get it to do what you need, when you need it. When customer demands change, you can quickly change with them. Need to diversify your offerings by adding Wireless services to your Wireline business? No problem! Are you evolving your business into managed services? We have you covered! Just as importantly, IDI customers also enjoy regular updates to their SaaS application to ensure they never fall behind.

When new technologies hit the market, you’ll be ready to rate whatever kind of usage can be imagined. You never know what the next great thing is that’s around the corner… but you’re going to have to bill for it.

IDI Billing Solutions for what’s now + what’s next