When Franken-Billing Takes Over, the Results Can be Simply Monstrous

It’s Alive!

It all starts very innocently.  A little side experiment.  Just a quick manual process here for reporting, another little development project here for that new pricing plan the current telecom billing system doesn’t support.  Then there’s the merger and that whole new billing system you brought on board and still have to use.

You never meant for it to happen, but before you know it, Franken-Billing has its claws into your telecom billing operations.

Technology and service offerings change so quickly in telecom that it’s no wonder back office systems often mirror those transformations.  The hodge-podge mix of multiple telecom billing systems and workarounds carries with it the mark of acquisitions and market growth.  The manual operations represent our ingenuity and an ability to think outside the box.  The undocumented procedures are representative of the value that each team member brings to the whole billing process.

Over time, Franken-Billing takes its toll

Customers see inconsistencies in their bills and important care issues are missed.  The business as a whole finds it hard to get a comprehensive look at its customer base, financials and service components.  Even the team members responsible for Franken-Billing’s care and feeding can grow weary of its demands and frequent failures.

If you think it may be time to put an end to your Franken-Billing experiments, take a closer look at what we have to offer with Billing as a ServiceSM.

With Billing as a Service you get an all-in-one solution that is proven to handle diverse business models, technologies and rating schemas.  You get scalability, high availability and performance.  And regulatory and compliance issues are our problem, too.  And, best of all, you get billing experts who handle the day-to-day activities so your team can focus on important initiatives that improve the customer experience, streamline operations and stop revenue leakage.

Maintaining disparate, patched together telecom billing solutions is costly, difficult and frustrating.  Let IDI’s knowledge and experience transform your Franken-Billing.