Rapidly expanding Communications Service Providers face a common challenge: How do their billing and OSS systems scale up with their increasing footprint and customer base?  The ideal answer is they turn to the right solution provider like IDI Billing Solutions to reshape their billing, automation and workflow platform, eliminating the need for a significant investment in new systems or resources.

Setting the foundation for growth, success

Perhaps the biggest challenges facing CSPs are the technical obstacles that coincide with periods of quick growth. Rapid expansion is often a double-edged sword in this regard, creating lucrative business opportunities while raising some significant logistical concerns.

Moving into new markets and reaching a larger base of customers typically requires a major overhaul to existing billing systems – not to mention an increase in employee headcount to handle additional workload. The high cost of such an investment often undercuts the potential revenue, making business expansion fiscally impractical.

IDI Billing Solutions can help establish the technological foundation needed for sustainable expansion and growth.IDI Billing Solutions can help establish the technological foundation needed for sustainable expansion and growth.

The right solution: IDI and CostGuard®

IDI has a long and successful track record of implementing end-to-end billing solutions that feature a wide range of capabilities, from order processing to workflow management. IDI’s CostGuard platform offers superior automation functionality with fast and seamless integration.

By taking advantage of automation capabilities, service providers are able to eliminate costly errors as well as enable employees to spend less time on manual work and focus on tackling more business-critical tasks. That includes both supporting even the most ambitious aspirations for market growth and ensuring customers enjoy the best user experience possible.

Scalable resourcing and automated efficiency

IDI’s CostGuard platform addresses these concerns with a combination of scalable resourcing and automated efficiency. Cloud-based solutions offer inherent advantages over on-premise systems, enabling users to scale up functionality whenever needed and giving them dynamic control over their resource allocations.

One New York-based fiber internet provider recently encountered the challenge of scaling their Billing and OSS system, as the growing demand for its high-speed internet solutions widened its service delivery map into new markets. Since working with IDI and implementing the CostGuard® solution, the internet provider has been able to do more with its available resources, operating in a more efficient, streamlined manner and continuing its trajectory of rapid expansion.

To learn more about choosing the right billing, automation and workflow solution for rapid growth, download IDI’s case study today.