Communications Service Providers have a lot of options to consider when upgrading or replacing their telecom billing and OSS platform. Software functionality, features and performance are all important factors in the vetting process, but the technology is just one part of a great solution.

Whether your company is being held back by a legacy billing system that prevents you from launching new service, or your rapidly expanding organization needs a solution that can scale up with it, the service provider itself should heavily factor into your purchasing decision. What separates the best solution providers from the rest? Industry leaders do more than just provide a software suite of tools – they work as an extension of your business.

Delivering a billing solution to drive strategic value

In the right hands, implementing technology that is as foundational and essential to business operability as billing software is relatively painless. More than that, the right service provider will consult with your team to identify the core features and functionality that should be included to drive strategic value.

IDI Billing Solution’s experience in the telecom billing industry is unparalleled, and our experts know how to assess an organization’s business goals and craft a billing solution that positions it for success. Each implementation is carefully customized according to business requirements, as our engineers work alongside client stakeholders to deliver the best solution possible.

Our highly disciplined approach to implementation all but eliminates unforeseen roadblocks, reducing errors and leads to a more predictable and successful system rollout. And our collaborative approach to design, listening to your feedback and working directly aside you team produces more effective practices and leads to better solutions for customers.

Hands-on, expert support and consultation

Throughout your CostGuard® implementation and beyond, you can rely on IDI’s team of billing experts to help refine the platform, addressing any performance issues and adding new features to expand its capabilities. We’re always available to answer your questions and provide a helping hand.

One of the biggest value-adds IDI offers – beyond the powerful, feature-rich CostGuard platform, of course – is our consultative services. Our industry experts will analyze your business scenarios and recommend specific action plans to streamline internal workflows, help with one-off projects like a new product launch or automate business processes. Think of our team as an extension of your own.

Partner with IDI to grow your business

The communications industry is constantly evolving, with new players entering the market and delivering new service offerings. Service providers have an enormous opportunity to build out their customer base and expand into other markets. Expansion isn’t always easy given the logistics of scaling up operations, however.

That is why it is so important to have a business partner on your side who deeply understands your industry and knows what it takes to succeed. IDI has been a leading voice in the telecom billing industry for years – we have seen and done it all. That knowledge and experience is a major asset for our customers to gain maximum efficiencies and best practices. We’re happy to share our industry expertise around the clock, whenever needed.

We can clear the logistical roadblocks that stand in the way of market expansion and help you position your organization for long-term growth and success. When you work with IDI, you get more than just a modern, comprehensive telecom billing platform – you get a partner who has the technology and the know-how to help you achieve your most ambitious business goals.

At IDI, we forge lasting partnerships with our customers, continually working on their behalf to improve the quality of their business operations. To find out more about the benefits of working with us, download our new eBook today.