IDI’s comprehensive solution makes it easy to visually map everything needed to bring your customers online and then see a complete picture of your progress.

Our Orders module guides your users through the entering of sales so that you can have accuracy and consistency at this critical point in the process. After your orders are submitted, you can track their status as they move through the pipeline.

Our Workflow solution can automate your delivery process allowing you to reduce overhead and inefficiencies even as you are growing your business. Define all your processes and then use integrations to your third party vendors and existing business systems to boost the speed at which you can turn up services.


Fuel Your Growth with An Award-Winning Billing and OSS Solution

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As an award-winning billing and OSS provider, IDI can help you make the transition to this new business environment with an end-to-end solution that’s both powerful and cost effective. Cloud services providers can take their business to the next level and customize solutions that meet the needs of any customer. Together with our High Availability SSAE 16-audited SaaS Platform, IDI helps you expand your business with confidence.

  • Product rating flexibility
    Utilize a wide range of rating capabilities including metered usage, configurable tiers, complex bundles, discounts, taxes and more.
  • Unified product catalog
    Create new products and services and launch them in real time, no assistance required.
  • 360-degree view of your customer interactions
    Know the status of each customer account with an end-to-end solution that provides visibility into orders, contracts, billing, support, corporate hierarchies, taxes and more.
  • Web APIs
    Leverage CostGuard’s open APIs to integrate easily with internal systems and third-party partners.
  • Reporting capabilities
    Examine your data for valuable trending information and opportunities to gain operational efficiencies.
  • Experienced billing and professional services
    Manage as much or as little of your back office operations as desired by calling on IDI’s expert resources for assistance.

If You Can Think It, We Can Rate It

Don’t let your subscription-based rating system put limits on your growth. Call IDI and see how a billing partner can actually facilitate your growth. If you can’t rate it, you can’t sell it. Get your back office infrastructure from the billing provider that spends every day in the cloud, IDI.

Give us your “wish list” of rating schemas and we’ll show you how CostGuard does it – out of the box!

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Fuel Your Growth with An Award-Winning Billing and OSS Solution.

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