Tax Engine

CostGuard's Integrated Tax Engine
Keeps You On The Right Side Of
Challenging Tax And Regulatory Issues

CostGuard’s Dynamic Rating
Automatically Adapts Pricing To Your Customers

It's amazing what's connected to the Internet these days....
IoT is here to stay so get better billing for it.

With CostGuard's Business Intelligence
All Those Data Points Make Sense
Be As Creative As You Want To Be.
Our Unified Product Catalog Is Ready For It.

A Better Billing Experience for Any Market

If your Billing and OSS is not part of your competitive advantage, you need to look at IDI’s Billing as a Service solution. Get the back office efficiency, consistency and accountability you need to improve operations, reduce expenses and increase margins. Review our Total Cost of Ownership analysis and uncover the hidden costs and business issues that likely stem from your BSS/OSS.

We give dynamic service providers the back office flexibility they need to compete in any market: Wireline, Fiber, Mobile, MVNO, Cloud, Convergent, and more.

What Makes IDI a Great Billing Partner?

Our award-winning CostGuard® solution is designed to support innovative product and service offerings, complex rating schemes and diverse business models needed to succeed in today’s communications environment. We partner with you and offer comprehensive, personalized customer support.

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What can IDI’s Workflow do for you?

CostGuard's Workflow module helps streamline business processes, improving operational efficiency and providing the flexibility needed to quickly expand.