IDI understands how important it is for communications service providers to keep their back office on the leading edge. If you are stuck on your own release, beholden to your B/OSS vendor’s infrequent and expensive upgrades, or competing with other internal projects for the same development resources, it’s time to consider the benefits of a cloud-based B/OSS solution.

With our SaaS platform, you have access to a continuous stream of new and innovative features via a delivery method that eliminates version isolation. These lower both the risks and costs of staying on a current software release.

High Preformance

High System Availability & Performance

IDI’s cloud-based telecom billing platform is designed to help clients maximize operational efficiency and scale on demand. Employing virtualization, fiber channel, centralized storage, end-to-end monitoring and failover strategies, we provide our customers with significant advantages:


  • Availability — Uptime is critical. IDI maintains a record of providing better than 99.9% system uptime for our cloud-hosted clients.
  • Monitoring — We monitor availability and performance at all levels including client transaction, application and database infrastructure levels. Additional operational-level monitoring ensures that all tasks are completed as scheduled and without errors.
  • Performance — Our cloud-based billing platform is built to be flexible and can scale on demand to meet usage processing needs and guarantee a consistent experience. Customers never need to worry that their business will outgrow their B/OSS.
  • Disaster Recovery — The availability of key applications in the event of a disaster is a primary concern for any business. IDI provides a standard Disaster Recovery plan to all our hosted customers.

Regulatory & Compliance Support

Regulatory and compliance issues come at telecom providers from all directions. The Federal Communications Commission, Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, federal government, state governments – the list goes on. Staying on top of the latest requirements for safeguarding data and ensuring telecom-specific mandates are met requires an adequate commitment of resources for research, analysis, monitoring, development and deployment into the B/OSS.

IDI has a dedicated team of industry experts who analyze changing regulatory and compliance issues and provide recommendations on how to manage them in CostGuard Billing and OSS. Our people regularly serve as industry experts presenting webinars and education sessions on topics such as Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliance for Telecom and Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI).

Maintaining regulatory compliance can be overwhelming. We provide the operational advice and application support to ensure our customers are prepared.

Regulatory Compliance Support

Security & Trust

Throughout the years, IDI has made security and trust a top priority. We have significantly invested in people, processes and technology to ensure our customers’ data is protected, and that our solutions are trusted and reliable. As business needs, regulations and risk management landscape change, IDI continues to enhance our security posture with an ever-evolving and robust security program.

IDI demonstrates compliance to our customers through comprehensive assurance reporting. As part of our SaaS offering, we currently provide assurance on our internal controls through the issuance of:

  • SOC 1
  • SOC 2
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)


Download our white paper to find out more about the ongoing importance of assurance reporting, and how IDI can help deliver peace of mind.



Lower Your Total Cost of Ownership

Researchers the world over have documented the total spectrum of costs associated with developing or supporting complex applications internally, and the result is always the same – outsourced solutions offer a lower total cost of ownership. IDI’s cloud-based telecom billing platform is housed at a state-of-the-art data center. With high system availability, performance, and world-class security, customerscan reduce IT costs without sacrificing system performance. Cloud-hosted billing systems also offer more predictable expenses that makes it easier for providers to manage their financials.


Focus on Your Business, Not Your Billing.

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