Operational Expertise

Operational ExpertiseIDI provides a specialized level of service that CostGuard users leverage to make the most of their B/OSS investment

IDI’s U.S.-based support teams are dedicated to learning your business, sharing their knowledge and experience, and providing you with a superior customer experience.

Dedicated Account Management

Helping You Get the Most out of Your IDI Relationship

Your IDI Account Manager serves as your advocate and business expert, helping you leverage all the available tools and resources to ensure your back office runs smoothly and efficiently on a regular basis and that it meets your needs as your business evolves. Account Managers serve as your strategic partner, understanding your key business imperatives and helping you achieve your corporate objectives.

System Processing

IDI Billing Specialists oversee customer usage processing, integration file transfers, bill processing and all other ongoing back-office processing needed to keep your system current. The skill and efficiency gained by IDI billing specialists over dozens of clients and thousands of billing runs is difficult to duplicate in a service provider environment. In addition, the automated systems and established best practices used by the team ensure timeliness and accuracy to keep billing on track.

The service includes:

  • Real-time monitoring to ensure all processing activities are completed and enhance system accuracy
  • Exceptions managed by telecom B/OSS experts who can resolve them before they interfere with invoice generation
  • Customer visibility into current processing status to ensure proactive operations management

Invoice Generation

Bill Processing Guarantee Helps Improve Your Cash Flow

IDI is committed to ensuring your business maximizes its cash flow by getting accurate invoices on the street as quickly as possible. IDI’s Billing Specialists manage and monitor – in real time – every stage of the bill production process to make sure your invoices are completed without delay.

Our experience processing thousands of bill runs every year and recognized best practices help telecom service providers reduce the complexity, variability and costs associated with each billing run.

  • Set your schedule with an unlimited number of bill runs per month
  • Gain visibility into the entire invoice generation process so exceptions are handled without delaying final production
  • Maintain your control of the entire billing run with required approval gates
  • Establish best practices for invoice generation that support business goals

Service Level Agreements

Performance is Relative…Unless You Have an SLA to Back it Up

Who? What? Where? When? How? If you don’t know the answer to those questions with your current billing vendor, look to IDI to add stability and predictability to your back office operations. As a SaaS vendor, we monitor the performance of everything from usage processing to bill processing and benchmark against our Service Level Agreements to ensure our B/OSS solution always delivers.

IDI offers Service Level Agreements for:

  • Availability
  • Usage Processing
  • Incident Management
  • Bill Processing