Professional Services

Professional-ServicesBuild on Your Success

Guided by both product knowledge and industry best practices, our professional services team provides a tailored approach that helps service providers address the issues unique to their business model, processes and competitive situation. By enlisting our help, service providers gain access to telecom business specialists who can help them maximize their B/OSS infrastructure investment, gain operational efficiencies and adapt to change.

Best Practices Consulting

Leverage Our Experience

We love billing and everything there is to do with it. We’ve been doing it a long time, for many different telecom businesses and through tens of thousands of billing runs. We have a good handle on what it takes to create best practices in the design, configuration and ongoing operation of the back office. We offer that expertise to our customers as part of our Best Practices Consulting service.

While CostGuard offers clients the flexibility to “do it yourself,” customers often call on IDI’s expert resources to analyze their business model and recommend specific strategies to ensure they create a solid business foundation.

IDI offers assistance in a range of areas including, but not limited to:

  • Product catalog development and maintenance
  • Workflow setup
  • Point of sale and inventory design
  • Treatment policies
  • Credit scoring rules
  • General ledger setup
  • Temporary billing team staffing

Implementation & Project Management

Guiding Clients Through the Transition

IDI enhances the value of its telecom software applications by providing comprehensive implementation support services from business analysis and database migration to project management and on-site launch support. The implementation process follows a standard “phase and gate” approach designed to ensure all critical information is received before the next phase can begin. This disciplined approach to implementations results in more predictability, fewer errors and a mutual understanding of critical project elements including goals, timelines and investment.

To ease the conversion to CostGuard, Project Managers work with clients to obtain all critical information relative to the specification, feature development, and deployment of CostGuard. They maintain and actively use an integrated project plan and scope documents to achieve critical milestones and guide the project to completion. Once the client has transitioned to day-to-day operations, they receive support from a dedicated Billing Team, Customer Support and Account Manager on an ongoing basis.

Software Development

Keeping Pace with Change

Change? In telecom? Of course there is – and we love it. New technologies fuel sales, new business models boost margins and new service opportunities drive revenue growth – but only if your B/OSS solution can handle the changes. With Billing as a Service, IDI offers custom software development services to enhance the back office and support your ability to create unique products and services. Following a standard Software Development Life Cycle process, IDI offers a consistent approach to custom feature development with:

  • U.S.-based development
  • Web services for easier integration
  • Comprehensive quality assurance, testing and deployment

Tax Services

Tax Management Consulting Services

The increased frequency with which service providers are experiencing tax audits makes it a relief to have IDI’s tax management experts and CostGuard’s integrated tax engine at your disposal. Knowledgeable and experienced, our Tax Management Team provides valuable support for day-to-day issues and as needed during audits and other compliance examinations.

Our tax management team is available on a consulting basis to assist clients with identifying the proper tax classification for their products and services, creating custom tax reports and researching complex tax issues such as foreign VAT tax. The IDI tax management team helps clients understand business-specific issues such as wireless or VoIP safe harbor rules, state use tax rules on free handsets and accessories, or rules for applying 911 surcharges to multi-channel services. IDI also provides tax consulting services to help clients understand exemption rules and determine which taxes should be turned off based on the specific type of exemption.

  • Audit consulting
  • Research services
  • Tax setup assistance
  • Presentment support
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Custom Product Education – Maximize Your Learning

IDI maintains its own corporate university to organize, develop, manage and deliver both internal and customer training initiatives. Our IDI University education team uses instructional technology best practices and innovative presentation techniques to guide product users as they master the CostGuard solution. IDI Learning Specialists ensure user comprehension by employing both collaborative discussion methods and practical hands-on learning.

Training Delivery

CostGuard training is a blended approach to most effectively meet the needs of the customer. Offering sessions on site, at our headquarters or remotely via Webinars and a library of IDICasts, IDI creates a training experience that helps users fully capitalize on their CostGuard investment. Training for new customers is delivered over a period of several weeks prior to launch date, which allows users to become proficient prior to using the system in a live environment.

Ongoing Learning

IDI University is focused on helping our clients leverage their CostGuard solution. With a commitment to ongoing development, IDI Learning Specialists are always available to assist clients with training initiatives for upgrades, to instruct new employees and to address specific service provider goals.

Valued for their depth of product knowledge and ability to transfer their expertise to the user community, IDI’s Learning Specialists can also assist service providers in developing materials to support their own custom training initiatives.