Unified Product Catalog

The Power and Flexibility to Deliver Wide-Ranging Products

With CostGuard, you gain incredible flexibility with service order management. Implement the latest technologies and plans, and leverage the powerful, yet easy-to-use, Product Catalog feature. This robust telecom order management system supports the latest industry trends including refillable data, zone pricing, family-share plans, dynamic pricing, SaaS billing, subscription services, and much more.

The flexibility to keep pace with ever-changing market demands:

  • Unify management of retail and billing products for mobile, CLEC, IP and convergent markets
  • Provide a combination of one-off and recurring unit-based discounts or volume discounts
  • Administer rates and pricing plans associated with usage types, discounting location, surcharges and grouping priorities
  • Self-manage service agreements without requiring adaptive work
  • Create pricing promotions based on specified product combinations
  • Define product availability by user, product, market and service
  • Create guided sales flows for ease of use
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Manage Retail Promotions

Effective and Efficient Retail Discounting

CostGuard’s Retail Promotion capabilities let you centrally manage configured promotions that perform automatic and correct discounting of items on sales when defined conditions are met. Our service order management solution supports custom configurations for creative promotional offers – and calculates and enforces the correct discounting by your salespeople.

Promotion design customization and control:

  • User-friendly configuration wizard facilitates creating and maintaining Retail Promotions
  • Manage promotions to be only applicable at specific locations for specific timeframes
  • Create new retail promotions that discount based on quantity purchased and/or multi-product bundling scenarios
  • Define the applied discount amount based on an amount, percent or desired extended price
  • Automated calculating reduces user errors – allowing your salespeople to focus on their customer
  • Analyze effectiveness of promotions from captured discount data using CostGuard’s Reporting and General Ledger solutions

Guided Sales Support

Realize Your Full Sales Potential

Streamline the sales process and enhance revenue opportunities with CostGuard’s Guided Assignment feature. Guided Assignment lets you create step-by-step sales process flows for a consistent and easy to understand user experience. Process flows can be defined to support a specific sales activity and help your salespeople sell the correct products and services. Guided Assignment can be used in both call center and retail environments to ensure a better customer experience.

Guide your salespeople through sales quickly and smoothly:

  • Enforce the proper flow to improve order accuracy
  • Define Starting Codes to quickly initiate the appropriate sales flow
  • Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities based on customer selections
  • Add scripts to remind salespeople of additional sales or promotion opportunities
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Order Mang

Service Order Management & Automation

Accuracy and Consistency at the Critical Points in your Service Delivery Process

CostGuard’s Order module presents a streamlined experience that simplifies service order placement. Business rules are enforced up front in the ordering process, helping to eliminate downstream delays and higher costs due to inaccurate orders.

Set up, enter and manage orders all the way through fulfillment with ease and accuracy:

  • Define products and features to be included or excluded from the order based on selections and existing service provisioning
  • Simplify complex order types by creating a template for features, and duplicating it across all services
  • Integrate directly with CostGuard’s Workflow function to launch order fulfillment processes upon submission, and then track order progress
  • Save, retrieve and review orders before submission
  • Leverage an integrated Service Number Inventory, with the ability to add or import numbers individually or in bulk
  • Make updates to service information on in-flight orders

AdvancePay Service

More Features and Better Margins than Standalone Prepaid Systems

AdvancePay helps you easily enter and compete in the prepaid marketspace. AdvancePay’s patented technology combines the best characteristics of both postpaid and prepaid mobile services. With AdvancePay, you can avoid the complexity and expense of purchasing a dedicated prepaid platform, leverage the technology benefits of an integrated solution and increase both revenue and customer satisfaction.

Leverage the power of one platform to get the most from your prepaid service orders:

  • Create pay-in-advance products that mirror existing post-paid offerings
  • Configure automation rules to monitor usage, perform automatic renewals, create notifications and disconnect services and features
  • Tie rated records to a subscriber for market trending analysis
  • Offer services at the Point-of-Sale for a defined interval of time and/or service balance
  • Handle renewals via recurring credit card payments or one-time transactions at retail locations, agent stores or customer support

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