Telecom Customer Care

Provide a Better Customer Experience

CostGuard’s Customer Care module provides the comprehensive tools needed to service customers through an interface that is easy to use and that lets your reps do their work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Just as important, you can configure Customer Care to match your existing business processes.

A streamlined interface for fast and thorough customer service:

  • Complete customer servicing from a single platform, including communications, ticketing, invoicing and ordering
  • View a customer’s current status at a glance, then quickly move to a specific area to find more detailed information and manage the account as needed
  • Track all customer interactions and outcomes
  • Drive business processes through Follow-up tasks and Workflows
  • Simultaneously support different business markets and models
Customer Care
Corporate Accounts

B2B Solutions for Corporate Accounts

Simplify Support for Complex Business Accounts

CostGuard’s Corporate Billing helps simplify the management of complex corporate account hierarchies to suit the unique way your customers structure their business. The solution handles multi-tiered accounts with ease and allows service providers to establish account relationships, assign invoice responsibility and unify accounts for comprehensive invoice presentation.

Tailor your corporate billing solution to meet the needs of your customers:

  • Establish multiple levels of “parent/child” account relationships
  • Track changes to corporate structure over time
  • View relationships, invoices, balances, usage and tickets across the corporate structure
  • Roll up charges from child accounts into parent invoices
  • Quickly add new accounts to the structure by cloning an existing one

OnlineBill – Telecom Self-Care Portal

Enhance Your Customers’ Online Experience

OnlineBill is IDI’s Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) and self-care solution. It offers your customers a variety of ways to manage their account online, reducing your customer care costs and improving customer satisfaction. You can easily customize the user experience by re-branding the application and configuring options to meet your unique business needs.

Power for your customers:

  • View service information and change plans & features
  • View and print invoices, make payments, setup auto-pay and view transaction history
  • Fast, easy access to critical account information directly on the home page
  • View and export usage for voice, messaging and data for each service, including corporate accounts

Flexibility for your business:

  • Brand with company logos, colors, fonts and images from the corporate to the market level
  • Customize menus – create new menus, move/reorder existing menus, rename existing menu items and control which menus are visible to a user
  • Embed pages on your website into OnlineBill via the Create New Menu functionality
  • Localize the user interface for language, currency, date format, and more

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Market Manage

Market Management

Segment your Customers from Point of Sale to General Ledger

CostGuard’s Market Management solution lets you organize customers by geographic territories, agents, distribution channels, or even by service offerings. The benefits of segmenting your customers by markets are as numerous as you can imagine.

Markets allow you to connect billing and retail operations to accounting and auditing business processes. Assigning each customer account and point-of-sale location to a market-group facilitates the creation of segmented general ledger entries that can be reviewed and analyzed using standard reports. Other applications include limiting user access to customer accounts and strategic targeting of promotions or other product offerings.

Strategically organize your customer base to align with your business:

  • Enforce a Market assignment for every new Customer
  • Leverage CostGuard’s “User Limit To” solution to regulate a user’s access to customer accounts by market
  • Name and define Markets according to your business rules
  • Generate financial data by Market using CostGuard’s General Ledger solution


A Better Support Experience for You and Your Customers

With CostGuard’s Tickets module, your support organizations can focus on resolving customer issues instead of struggling with a cumbersome ticketing system. Tickets can reduce the time and effort you’ll spend submitting, monitoring and updating issues – leading to quicker resolution times and increased customer satisfaction.

Resolve issues faster and achieve better outcomes:

  • Simultaneously support multiple service groups who can create and customize their own dashboards and work queues
  • Standardize and optimize your business processes by guiding users through ticket creation, classification and resolution
  • Ensure that you understand the impact of an issue by linking affected locations and services
  • Send and receive email communications for a ticket from within the application
  • Manage and respond to unsolicited email communications sent to your company
  • Integrate with our OnlineBill subscriber portal to provide customer self-service and communication capabilities

CostGuard’s Customer Care module gives telecom providers the comprehensive tools needed to service their customer accounts.

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