Real-Time Telecom Provisioning

Completely Automate Provisioning of Your Services

CostGuard Provisioning module empowers communications service providers to completely automate the configuration of network services and business systems – eliminating manual mistakes, maximizing efficiency and shortening service activation times. As part of our CostGuard B/OSS suite, you can easily orchestrate the end-to-end flow of services, from order entry through revenue recognition.

Comprehensive provisioning services:

  • Integrate to any platform for automated delivery of any type of communications, cloud or digital service
  • Use IDI’s advanced Workflow capabilities for a granular level of control and flexibility over order provisioning and timing
  • Leverage our library of pre-existing interfaces to increase your speed-to-market and reduce delays
  • Easily map your Product Catalog to order activities and add specific business logic to determine how every item is provisioned
  • Full transparency into every provisioning request, platform call and response for rapid troubleshooting and resolution of issues
  • On-demand scaling of processing nodes provides a consistent performance experience even as your order volumes grow
  • Complete lifecycle automation for activation, deactivation, suspend, resume and updates
Web Api's

Web APIs

An Open Platform to Build your Own Apps and Integrations

The Web APIs available for our customers are the same open foundation that IDI uses to build our CostGuard solutions. The APIs provide a secure and programmatic way to access all of your company’s data, or to run any of the provisioning functions that can be done in CostGuard applications such as creating customers, making payments or placing orders.

Jump-start your development and provisioning projects with:

  • IDI’s Developer Knowledge Center which provides accessible Getting Started guides, code samples, development recipes and thorough Web API documentation
  • A streamlined developer support system that puts your team directly in touch with the right technical resources to answer questions or resolve issues
  • Expert consulting services for complex projects
  • A three-year SLA on Web API backwards compatibility and interface support

Workflow Triggers & Actions

Visually Design the Solutions to your Unique Business Challenges

Workflow Triggers and Actions provides advanced capabilities to help you launch automated processes based upon specific system events. You can quickly extend CostGuard functionality, or enable integration to your cloud and on premises systems, without the need for customizations or specialized development.

Automated, event-driven processing:

  • Launch automated processing each time a specified event occurs
  • Easily see and manage the solutions you have built directly in the Workflow application
  • Utilize the existing gallery of automated actions or build your own using the Web Integration action
  • Configure Triggers with detailed filters to capture events that meet your unique criteria
  • Capture data and properties from the events, then pass these into the Actions and on to your cloud or on premises systems
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Data Replication

Peace of Mind from Always Having a Copy of all your Customer Data

Data Replication technology gives you a real-time copy of your CostGuard data, hosted on your own network. Any changes made in the production environment are immediately captured and pushed down to the replica over a secure Internet connection. This backup service provides your power users and report experts (who are already proficient in writing SQL queries) a familiar, database-level access to your data.

Be confident that your data is secure and readily available:

  • VPN tunnel connections for secure data transmission
  • Real-time database replication to a target database hosted by you
  • Access to almost all customer data, including end-customer info, financials, product catalog, order, security and invoice information
  • Standard T-SQL database access to write ad-hoc reports and run BI type data analysis

Single Sign-on

Provide your Users Seamless Access to CostGuard from your Existing Applications

CostGuard’s Single Sign-on (SSO) solution lets you add system access right from the applications you’re already using. It enables easy transition from system to system without requiring users to re-authenticate or manage an additional account. Users also have the option to log in directly to CostGuard via existing accounts with one of the supported identity providers. With multiple options for implementing SSO, you can select a solution to fit your existing identity management systems.

Secure, streamlined system access:

  • Linking directly to context specific pages in CostGuard from external applications without requiring users to re-authenticate
  • Ability to configure OAuth authentication against additional public or customer-hosted endpoints
  • Out of the box SSO support for several external OAuth identity providers including, Office 365 and Microsoft Live
  • Authentication APIs supporting WS-Trust secure tokens let developers build or integrate their own SSO solutions
  • Ability for users to self-manage linking their external accounts to their CostGuard identities
  • Configurability enables administrators to control which users can use external identities.
Single Sign On
Partner Integrations

Partner Integrations

Powerful Out-of-the-Box Integrations to the Industry’s Top Vendors

CostGuard’s Partner Integrations functionality jump starts a provider’s ability to get up and running by providing existing interfaces to many of the communications industry’s key solutions vendors. You have control to create and manage your relationships with your third-party vendors, and then configure your CostGuard Billing & OSS with account-specific information.

CostGuard’s Partner Integrations include:

  • Network Integration
  • Rate & Tariff Data
  • Credit Scoring
  • Operational Network
  • Payment Processing
  • Address Validation
  • Print & Mail
  • Fulfillment
  • Business Intelligence
  • Financial Partners

PCI-Compliant Payment Processing

Ensure Credit Card Transactions are Secure and Meet PCI Requirements

The Payment Gateway Application (PGA) allows a hosted iframe to capture sensitive credit card information when making payments via CostGuard POS, Customer Care and OnlineBill. This means that no sensitive credit card information is stored in IDI databases or passed over CostGuard networks.

iframe technology provides greater security:

  • Reduces development time for updates – Single touch point for supported gateway iframe code changes
  • Transaction searching and troubleshooting reduces need to log in to a gateway portal
  • RESTFUL web services instead of SOAP
Credit Scoring

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