Unbillable Usage Dashboard

Gain the insight needed to stop losses due to unbillable records

CostGuard’s Unbillable Usage Dashboard ensures that providers are able to capture revenue for each and every record even if they could not be initially rated. The dashboard makes it easy to see the big picture of overall unbillable status, track trends, and quickly spot upstream record issues. Jumping directly from the dashboard to the detailed record view makes it possible to quickly correct errors and reprocess the usage in time for billing.

The Unbillable Usage Dashboard provides the ability to:
Match unbillable record codes to specific root causes and their most common corrections
Configure user-defined usage threshold and validations down to the usage type and file type granularity
See a visual account of unbillable activities in order to catch issues early on or analyze historical unbillable trends
Manually override validations and thresholds on a record by record basis
Utilize ad-hoc reporting capabilities to facilitate in-depth analysis and assessment
Ability to submit fixed record for immediate re-processing and real-time feedback