Billing in telecommunications isn't what it used to be – and that's a good thing.

Today, carriers offer more diverse services to more diverse customers through a variety of promotional methods. In turn, telecom providers also contend with more complex rating systems and tax administration than ever before. So long as these businesses possess the resources to face these burgeoning intricacies with confidence and efficiency, nothing can stand in their way – not even the yet unwritten future of telecommunications in the 21st century.

What sets IDI Billing Solutions apart from other B/OSS providers in the market?

1. Our reputation

Since 1996, IDI Billing has led the telecom services field with our commitment to an excellent customer experience. But what does that mean exactly? Careful planning with clients to ensure a consummate scope of work, seamless data migrations, on-time conversions and ongoing support from our field-tested staff of experts.

2. Our product

Of course, our reputation is reinforced by an incredible product that customers truly value. CostGuard®, our award-winning billing and operations support solution, was built to simplify how the communications business functions, how its professionals approach the workday and how end-users receive accurate billing for the services they love. Whether you're wireline, fiber, mobile, IP, managed services or a mix of them all, CostGuard protects you from unbillable services, back-office inefficiencies and opaque management processes. Oh, and did we mention it includes an integrated tax engine?

3. Our architecture

The foundation on which our products rest is just as important as the products themselves. Our web applications allow for flexibility in management and frequent upgrades to deliver cutting-edge features to customers as soon as we create them.

4. Our focus on your market

The needs of your business are as unique as your business itself. That's why the IDI catalog of solutions is so vast. Our clients can pick and choose the solutions that they know they need and explore the latest offerings that will put their customer service ahead of their competitors'.

5. Our value to customers

Telecommunications companies expect a lot from their billing departments and the technology they use. Some expectations stay the same year after year, and others change with the times. Whatever the case, IDI Billing Solutions always puts customer value at the forefront of our services and our product rollouts.

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