Operational efficiency is everything in the telecommunications space. Communications Service Providers face significant pressure from multiple angles: Customers demand better services with greater availability, growing competition drives the need for cutting-edge technology and tight profit margins dictate that organizations run as lean as possible. Companies must operate effectively to get the most value out of available personnel and resources, as well as streamline service delivery.

IDI Billing Solutions’ Workflow module provides the reliable automation needed to accelerate internal processes, eliminate costly errors and enhance overall service quality. With Workflow’s flexibility and powerful automation capabilities, virtually any process can be mapped out and integrated with other areas of the CostGuard® platform.

CostGuard's Workflow module seamlessly integrates with core telecom billing systems.CostGuard’s Workflow is seamlessly integrated into IDI’s core billing and OSS systems.

IDI provides a comprehensive solution

Many companies struggle to build, design and launch their own workflow automation solution. They may lack the requisite development skills and experience to craft a platform that covers all of their needs while also seamlessly integrating with core systems. IDI’s Workflow module is built directly into the CostGuard application, so service providers can readily take advantage of its automation capabilities.

The added benefit of conducting workflow automation tasks through a single platform is companies can further refine and reduce the complexity of their internal processes. Other workflow automation tools may introduce added complications and headaches by not properly integrating with core functions like order management and ticketing. Furthermore, they may not be able to actually automate every task that an organization wishes to streamline, reducing its value and return on investment.

“CostGuard’s Workflow module improves operational efficiency and company growth.”

CostGuard helps you build for the future

One of the biggest challenges that companies face when trying to implement large-scale workflow automation is consistency. If there is any variation in the execution of workflows, service providers will experience an uptick in costly processing errors and will never achieve the level of operational efficiency they need to become truly lean organizations.

CostGuard’s Workflow module establishes reliable processes so service providers can build upon that foundation and further automate tasks throughout their organization. It’s only by first realizing consistency that companies can measure the effectiveness of their automated workflows and refine them accordingly. In addition, service providers are better able to recognize other existing tasks that are good candidates for automation.

Workflow and business process automation is a critical resource to growing organizations, providing the flexibility and efficiency to streamline operations and support expansion.

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With CostGuard’s intuitive GUI, businesses gain a comprehensive view of their operational processes as well as all of their associated automated workflows. Service providers can manage various aspects of their back-office operations – all through a single pane of glass.

The combination of seamless integration, effortless automation and comprehensive visibility is unique among workflow automation applications, making IDI the premier global provider of cloud-based billing, automation and workflow solutions for Communications Service Providers.

To find out more about CostGuard’s Workflow module and how it can reduce overhead, drive operational efficiency and improve service quality, download IDI’s new white paper today.