Zen Principles of Telecom Billing – Bill Calmly

Finding Tranquility Among the Stormy Seas of Telecom Billing

Your billing system should be, to borrow a phrase from Simon & Garfunkel, “a bridge over troubled water.  If it isn’t, your business is already in the flood zone.”  Okay, I added that last line, but I’m pretty sure anyone in telecom understands exactly what I mean.

It seems there are never calm seas in our world of telecom.  Changing technologies, competition, customer demands and churn; they create waves throughout every service provider organization.  Of course, that’s where the telecom B/OSS is supposed to come in.  It should be a calming force that provides stability and consistency to a telecom service provider’s underlying operations.  Instead, many billing systems leave only turmoil – and hidden costs – in their wake.

So, how can you tell if your telecom billing system is setting you up for stormy weather?

  • Manual operations and workarounds.  A billing system that lacks automation creates errors that drown your business in inefficiency.
  • No investment in new features.  Without ongoing investment, a billing system will stagnate, and so will your ability to roll out new products and services.
  • Questionable accuracy.  Products and services for which you cannot properly rate and bill and dropped usage will leach revenue away faster than you can funnel it back in.
  • Ignoring support for regulatory changes.  The surge in new rules and regulations makes this more challenging and even more important.  Audits, lawsuits and fines are just a few of the outcomes that can swamp a telecom business.
  • Seeing the same customer service issues month after month.  Murky visibility into customer interactions leads to a deluge of complaints and customer attrition.
  • Inconsistent bill runs.  Bill runs should be as predictable as the tides, erratic operations drain resources, disrupt cash flow and frustrate employees and customers.

An inefficient billing system will permeate every process and undermine your attempts to grow.  It will find its way into every crack and crevice and erode the very foundation of your business.  In short, it will drain your bottom line in so many different ways it’s nearly impossible to find and patch them all.

At IDI Billing Solutions, we provide the flexibility to leverage calm seas and the stability to endure turbulent ones.  We help you guard your revenue, streamline operations and remain competitive no matter how changeable the industry forecast.

Stormy seas?

Bill calmly with IDI.