Alicia T.
Tell us a little about Nex-Tech Wireless.
Nex-Tech Wireless is a premier wireless provider offering high-tech wireless solutions to residents in more than forty counties of central and western Kansas as well as local coverage to 4 counties in Colorado. Nex-Tech Wireless focuses on providing its customers cutting edge technology including data and mobile services, as well as the latest wireless equipment and competitive wireless plans that provide nationwide coverage.

Where are you based out of?
Our headquarters is in Hays, Kansas. It’s nearly halfway between Denver and Kansas City.

Tell me about your favorite service experience with IDI?
Honestly, I’ve had several great service experiences with IDI over the years. Our current Support Representative, Brandon, is excellent and has a great understanding of our business requirements. Jeanne, our Account Manager who’s been with us from the beginning, always advocates on our behalf for our custom requests.

My favorite personal experience with IDI was when our previous Support Representative, James, heard that I got ordained on the internet to perform a wedding, so he did as well.

What is the one CostGuard feature you like the best?
My favorite thing about CostGuard is the flexibility we have to build our own product catalog. In our business, offers and promotions change frequently. As we follow trends and roll out new offers, it is imperative that we be able to customize plans, products and discounts for our customers.

The specific feature or functionality I like the best is exclusive groups. We try to make our sales processes as efficient and user-friendly as possible. This is accomplished by utilizing exclusive groups to ensure the correct products are being added/removed. The solution does all this without the need for the user to perform any additional steps.

What is your favorite book/quote/recipe?
I can’t cook. Like, cannot. Everyone has a thing they are good at, and some people have a thing they are incredibly not good at. For me, that’s cooking. However, when I was a kid, my grandmother used to make us an after-school snack that has stayed with me. She would toast 2 slices of bread and put a little butter on each. On one piece, she put peanut butter and on the other jelly. She put them together in a sandwich and then cut the sandwich into twelve pieces. Yes, I’ve just described how to make tiny PB&J, but they are delicious. The butter is the “secret” ingredient and I consider them my specialty.

My favorite book is Siddhartha by Hermann Hess. This was required reading for one of my literature or philosophy classes and it has stuck with me. I’ve read it numerous times over the years.