Flexible Wireline Billing Solutions

Wireline-BillingGuarding margins and supporting growth – in any direction

IDI has its roots in the competitive telecommunications marketplace. The foundation of our CostGuard telecom billing and OSS application is a powerful rating and billing engine that performs the complex rating, bundling, contract management, and discounting functions that CLECs, wholesale carriers, resellers, cable companies, unified communications and IP providers demand.

IDI’s CostGuard solution provides business process management tools to streamline operations and enhance productivity, as well as delivering the flexibility needed to incorporate new technologies and services for growth into any market.

Gain Billing Efficiencies, Guard Your Revenue

  • Support for corporate hierarchies
    Manage complex corporate relationships with n-tier hierarchies that include functionality for establishing invoice responsibility, discounts, contract management and more.
  • Order Management automation
    Build out custom workflows to manage complex processes and automate operations for efficiency and consistency.
  • Product management and pricing for any business model
    CostGuard provides powerful capabilities in product management and rating that together support myriad products, services, bundles, discounts and business models for CLECs, cable companies, utilities and convergent players. Wherever your business is growing, CostGuard can support it.
  • One bill for any service
    CostGuard provides convergent support – and a single invoice – for providers transitioning from traditional communications services into multiple lines of service including IP, cable, mobile, SaaS and nearly any other service delivery model.
  • Capture all your revenue
    Revenue leakage erodes your bottom line. Use CostGuard’s powerful Unbillable Usage Interface to ensure you are able to protect your hard-earned revenue.
  • Integrate with ease
    CostGuard’s well-documented APIs make it easy to share critical data points with internal systems and third-party partners.
  • Agent support
    Utilize the CostGuard SalesCentral application to efficiently manage your agent network. SalesCentral creates quotes and seamlessly turns them into orders.

IDI’s Comprehensive Solution for the Cloud Includes

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    Access One extends contract and will use newest release of CostGuard BSS/OSS to capture new revenue opportunities
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    Integrated communications provider Access Point, Inc. will leverage enhanced workflow capabilities to automate and enforce business processes