Communications Service Providers face ongoing shifts in the industry — both regarding evolving service expectations and technological innovation. Empowered customers increasingly demand faster network speeds, more service options and an exceptional user experience with more ease and support than ever before.

It can be challenging for providers to meet customers’ ever-changing service standards, especially when CSPs are confronted with the often sobering realities of telecom billing. Namely: Most have limited operational resources and miles to go before they sleep when it comes to accurate, streamlined billing. When they take on this task themselves, they risk compromising other service areas — including customer experience, sales and marketing priorities and revenue growth — as they shift operational resources away from direct customer focused initiatives to put more time and emphasis on a fast, accurate billing process.

Implementing IDI Billing Solutions’ comprehensive, scalable telecom billing system can help providers lower their costs and reduce the amount of time spent on back office processes, giving them the freedom to do what they do best: delivering high-quality products and services to their customers.

“IDI empowers service providers to accurately bill customers for virtually any kind of service they develop.”

Accelerating service delivery and increasing revenue

When businesses perform their own telecom billing services, they run the risk of facing more issues than just wasted time. With all the tasks CSPs need to handle, it can be detrimental to add another function to their list, particularly one as crucial and time-sensitive as billing. Instead of investing in new technologies, developing new services and expanding their customer base, providers risk stagnancy and lost revenue as they tread water ensuring their billing process is cohesive, comprehensive and customer friendly.

IDI empowers service providers to accurately bill customers for virtually any kind of service they can develop, effectively removing a major roadblock to innovation and service rollout. In addition, the complex functions of the billing process are given over to the software, whose comprehensive integration and sophisticated automation can tackle the time-consuming billing cycle in a systematic way that ensures accuracy without creating ripples in the present customer experience.

As a result, CSPs have the time and capacity to streamline invoice workflows, producing more revenue than they were capable of before. They can reinvest in themselves, brainstorming and developing new offerings that can outpace the competition and allow them to emerge as top performers within their marketplaces.

Fostering business development and scalability

So more customers and more revenue is an unqualified win, right? It’s not so simple. We’ve all rubbernecked at the prominent examples of businesses who have scaled recklessly and too quickly, only to flame out when they hit a resourcing wall. While bringing more hands-on deck can alleviate some of the stress associated with this rise in demand, it can cut significantly into revenue and can even make growth efforts obsolete.

IDI provides a cloud-based architecture that allows CSPs to scale up their resources and capabilities whenever they need to while balancing necessary budget constraints. Instead of investing in more employees on site or implementing additional IT assets to meet the growing billing challenges associated with business development, CSPs can leverage IDI Billing’s flexible functionality to complete all billing requests in a timely manner.

In addition, an automated workflow effectively eliminates the need for error-prone manual processes, dramatically reducing overall operational expenses. Once service providers have developed baseline standards, they can leverage their automation capabilities to speed up and streamline multiple internal processes, minimizing costs, increasing efficiency and introducing more opportunities for innovation.

A customer-first mentality

Providing a winning customer experience is a clear differentiator in an increasingly competitive marketplace. CSPs’ fast connection speeds, network availability, user-friendly interfaces, self-service options and other impactful components of the customer experience can place them in the forefront of their market.

A recent survey conducted by IHS Markit on the subject of telecom organizations and communications service providers found that 75 percent of respondents listed enhancing the customer experience as a top priority in their continuous digital transformation. It is evident that the customer is at the forefront of a majority of business decisions taken by major players in the telecom market.

The study also reported that many of the ways CSPs leverage this customer-centric approach is by upgrading their operations support systems. This involves streamlining certain back-end processes, such as the billing cycle, to improve the customer experience and stay ahead of the competition.

Freedom to do what you do best

In the competitive telecommunications industry, CSPs need to do everything they can to stay ahead of the curve. Implementing a cutting-edge billing and OSS system can provide them with the opportunity to improve their business operations without taking on the additional expenses and responsibilities. IDI offers premier billing, automation and workflow solutions providers need, so they can spend less time worrying about their back office processes and focus on what they do best: delivering high quality products and services to their customers.