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Inland Cellular leverages new IDI functionality and system integrations in support of their growing next generation solutions.

VICTOR, NY (September 28, 2022) – IDI Billing Solutions, a global provider of cloud-based billing, automation and workflow solutions for Communications Service Providers, is pleased to announce that it has extended its partnership with Inland Cellular, a regionally owned and operated wireless company with premier local, nationwide and international service.

Inland Cellular has expanded its services to include Emerge Technologies—the Next Generation of Inland Cellular—offering Purpose Built Connectivity for business, home and life. Emerge Technology harnesses the technology of IoT devices to create smart connections that empower customers.

“Inland Cellular has relied on IDI as a trusted partner since 2007. IDI’s innovative solutions, including eSIM and broadband functionality, is helping to take our business to the next level,” said Mike Bly, Senior Vice President Business Operations, Inland Cellular. “In addition, IDI’s flexible, open architecture and seamless integration with thirty-party partners like Core Commissions has dramatically improved our operational efficiencies,” added Bly.

“We look forward to our renewed partnership with Inland Cellular and are excited to support their continued growth with our comprehensive, cloud-based Billing and OSS solutions,” said Patrick Talty, President and Chief Security Officer, IDI Billing Solutions. “As Inland Cellular strives to enhance service offerings, they can depend on IDI to deliver the tools they need to remain agile and ready for the future with their next generation of smart home, business and life solutions.”

About Inland Cellular
Inland Cellular is a regionally owned and operated wireless company with nationwide service. The company has been providing quality local cellular service since 1990. From the beginning, the goal has been to provide customers with the friendliest, most complete customer service in the area while providing local cellular service that is second to none. For more information, please visit Inland Cellular.

Inland Cellular contact:
Chip Damato, Executive Vice President

About IDI Billing Solutions
IDI Billing Solutions has been a leading provider of Billing, Automation and Workflow solutions for the communications industry since 1996. Servicing a diverse client base with an award-winning application, IDI’s comprehensive, highly secure, cloud-based solution enables providers with the ability to streamline operational efficiency, monetize services, automate operations, and seamlessly scale as their business demands. To learn more about IDI, please visit idibilling.com or call 1-888-924-4110.

IDI Billing Solutions contact:
Frank Magnera, Director of Marketing